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Why Umpire?

Netball umpiring isn’t really about enforcing rules. It’s an integral part of the Australian netball community. Umpires help keep the game safe, fair and fun for everyone. Not to mention developing personal skills like communication, resilience and leadership. Netball umpiring is also a great pathway into the world of professional sport. If you’d like to get involved, just chat to your State or Territory Member Organisation. There are plenty of opportunities, plus clear development systems for those wanting to officiate at the highest level.

Steps to becoming an umpire:
1. Complete Foundation Umpire Education Course
2. Complete Rules of Netball Exam (70% pass)
3. Undertake practical coaching/mentoring with your club/association
Umpiring provides you so much more than just the ability to officiate the rules of the game. It can make you feel:

  • Connected – Umpiring is a great way to make friends for life and be an integral part of the vibrant netball community.

  • Respected – Umpires provide the opportunity for everyone to play the game in a safe, fair and enjoyable environment. Umpiring also develops skills that can be used for life: communication, resilience and leadership just to name a few!

  • Energised – Umpiring lets you experience the thrill of the game, contributes towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle and offers a pathway to participate in the sport at the highest level.

There are many opportunities to become involved as an umpire in Netball, with clear pathways and support structures.


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