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Quakers Hill Netball Club


Denise has been part BCNA since 1973.  She is a member of the BCNA Exec and coach a BCNA Representative Coach 

Denise Kegg

Vice President

Kylie and her family have played, coached and umpired for QHNC. Kylie has a passion for netball and Quakers. 

Kylie Verma

Jnr Vice President



Sharon is a teacher by day and a Netball Secretary and team maanager by weekend.

Sharon Jenkins

Assistant Secretary

Mel and her daughter came to QHNC a number of years ago and have been involved in the club and  assocation ever since. 

Melissa Murphy


Shalini has her own business and will share with the club her expertise in managing the finance. 

Shalini Klinge

Senior Registrar

Steph isout youngest commitee member, but has been with the club since she was 6 years old.

Stephanie Kegg

Junior Registrar

Mel has been registering QHNC players for many years and  a dediated coach of club abd representative teams. 

Melanie Swift

Coaching Coordinator

Deb's the longest serving QHNC committee member. She is also an exec member of BCNA  and a representative team coach

Debra Wicks

Umpires Convernor

Danielle is a National B badges umpire and an amazing coach to all our new umpires

Danielle Baihn

Assistant Umpires Convenor

Mollie has always been Danielle's right hand. She is the other part of the Baihn dynamic duo and a great umpire as well. 

Mollie Baihn

Uniforms Office

Sue has been looking one of the biiggest jobs in the club for a few years now. She has all the answers uniform related. 

Sue Hansen

Promotions Officer

Katrin is looking forward to taking on this role and helping out around the club.

Katrin Hobart

Fundraising Coordinator

Michelle Guelpa

Michelle has in extensive history in fundrasing and has some great new ideas

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